Welcome to the Children and Families Truth Commission. 

This is the review children and families have been waiting for.

The Children and Families Truth Commission (CFTC) is the first ever parent-led and human rights focused investigation of child protection in the UK. It will evaluate children’s social care through the eyes of children and their families. 

The commission will investigate whether public bodies like local authorities, police forces and health care services have committed human rights breaches against children and families in the child protection sector, and look at ways to prevent rights breaches in the future.  

It will offer children and families who have been harmed by the child protection system in England and Wales a safe space to heal and find help whenever they need it.

The commission will find effective and humane forms of social work practice which aim to support, empower and keep families together wherever possible. 

It will then produce a report of its findings and make recommendations.

And it will always tell the truth.

Why are we launching this commission?

Every year, thousands of families in England and Wales reach out to their local authorities for support but many find their requests result in investigation, child protection processes, and even the removal of their children. 

While only a small number of parents intentionally hurt their children or cause them harm research tells us that a disproportionate number of children enter the care system.

Pioneering research has shown that there has been a sharp rise in child protection investigations and the removal of children into care and adoption. 

Modern-day child protection practices are increasingly being called into question in research with a human rights focus, which suggests for example that many current social work policies and family law instruments are breaching children’s and families’ right to family life.

The commission was formerly known as the Best Interests of the Child Review, but we changed the name and structure of the project to better reflect our aims.

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