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Welcome to your support page.

Here you will find a list of Children and Families Truth Commission (CFTC)-approved organisations who have very kindly agreed to offer free support and advice to children and families going through the child protection process.

We hope that these organisations will treat you with dignity and respect. If for any reason you should have a bad experience, you are welcome to contact us at the CFTC and we will look into this with you.

Family law advice and support

DadsHouse: DadsHouse is a registered charity which welcomes mothers and fathers, and has a pro bono Family Law Clinic offering parents free legal advice for their family law cases.

Contact details:

Legal Action for Women (LAW): LAW are a free legal advice service run by lay advisors (McKenzie Friends) who represent low-income women and mothers. They have a strong background in cases which involve domestic abuse.

Contact details: Telephone number 020 7482 2496

Taken UK: Taken UK is a project which works with families who have had their children wrongly removed from their care by social services and family court orders issued by judges. The organisation specialises in cases with alleged non-accidental injuries and cases which feature incorrect mental health diagnoses of parents and children.

Contact details:

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