Child Welfare Practitioners’ Testimonials

This page is for any practitioner engaged in child protection in England and Wales who would like to give an anonymous testimonial about where they feel as a professional they might have failed in their responsibilities towards a child or family.

Testimonials can highlight experiences where you didn’t deliver your responsibilities appropriately, caused a human rights violation, engaged in deficient practice, didn’t take account of a family’s needs, or made things worse.  

Whether you’re a social worker, solicitor, barrister, judge or medical professional, this space is an opportunity for you to apologise, and set out what you might have done differently.

Saying sorry is incredibly difficult for most of us, but it means the world to families and children in the child protection system. Despite the belief that most families want financial compensation for poor social care decisions, parents often say they want nothing more than an apology.

If you’d like to add your testimonial, you can share it with us using our contact form. Please help us by keeping testimonials to a maximum of 500 words, so that we can include as many experiences as possible on the site, and place the word ‘PRACTITIONER TESTIMONIAL’ at the top of the message. Thank you so much.

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